Come Dance With Us!

Our program is unlike many open adult programs. Dancers who join Tournesol Dance are committed to achieving their dance goals. This commitment enables them and their classmates to progress along their journey together. Our dancers attend classes regularly to ensure that our community supports each other through our passion.

However, we also understand that adult life is busy, sporadic, and complicated, so we offer flexible policies for missed classes to make sure you get your money’s worth!

At a minimum, we ask for a once-weekly commitment to yourself and your goals as a dancer. Of course, if you would like to dance more, we would love to have you!


Your Core Class is the class you select to join on a weekly basis. Your spot is automatically reserved for the month, and your core teacher is responsible for looking after your progression. Our monthly membership options include your once weekly Core Class, regardless if there are 4 or 5 weeks in a month; so some months you’ll get a free 5th class! On the months when we are closed for holidays, or snow days, you’re only charged for the Core Classes that actually meet.

Membership Benefits

All programs offer flexible options to help you fit ballet into your busy adult life.

  • No registration or joining fee.
  • Month-to-month commitment. Pause your membership by the 25th of the previous month to pause payment on your next subscription.
  • Easy on-line scheduling for makeups and extra classes.
  • Invitation to perform with us in our annual showcase.
  • Access to private lessons with our instructors.
  • Access to our private student Facebook page.

Want to take more than one class per week? Check out our All-Inclusive Memberships!

The All-Inclusive membership allows you to take as many ballet, jazz, and pointe classes as you like! You will be enrolled in your core class and your spot will be ensured for the length of your membership, but you also have the freedom to drop into as many classes are you like! .

Your All-Inclusive Membership Can Be Used For …

… scheduling classes that are appropriate for the class that have been recommended for you.  You may join classes that are appropriate for your level, which includes classes 2 levels down and 2 levels up from your Core level.

Looking to get more instruction just for you?

Schedule a 30 min private solo lesson with our instructors!  Want to get more flexible, work on technique, perfect your turns?  You choose what we work on and we will help you achieve your goals.

Let’s Get Started! Have you danced before?

We’d love for you to join us! The next step depends on your experience level. Use the buttons below to get started.


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Get started with a placements lesson to find your level.

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