Pointe Program

Yes! Adults Can Dance En Pointe!

If you are not already on pointe our Ballet Technique classes are designed to help get you there.

Pointe is the ultimate goal of the female dancer, but some men choose to do pointe too! Pointe work looks ethereal and delicate. But make no mistake it challenges your technique in ways you would never think and builds great strength.

We strongly believe that pointe work is achievable at any age, barring any serious past injuries or issues. It just requires some hard work and dedication to get there!

Starting Pointe


When do we start working towards pointe?

We start from day one of your first ballet class by understanding your feet, building strength through releves, and working on strengthening your core and turnout muscles.

Advanced concepts and pointe-specific exercises will be introduced when you start level 3a.

Our pointe classes have 3 progressive levels, and each class ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. For the first several months we work mostly at the barre to build strength to get up and down from your pointe shoes. Eventually we will move away from the barre and work in the center!

Prerequisite: Already have been placed on pointe or have been assessed by our staff.