Dance is a performing art, so yes you can choose to participate in as many or as few performances as you’d like.

Because Tournesol is a different type of studio, we do performances a bit differently too. If you would like to participate in a performance, we have separate performance practices, it is NOT included in your class time. This is because there may be some people who are not quite comfortable with the idea of performing yet and we don’t want to exclude anyone from joining our classes.

No, we don’t have children performing in our shows, family is always encouraged to come and watch our performances, but our shows are specifically for us to perform!

For those of you that are ready to take the stage

We have 2 different ways for you to perform!

  • Performance Team
  • Competition Team

Performance Team : Everyone is invited to be part of our Performance Team! You can choose to perform in our annual showcase and/or our production of “A Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Showcase Performance – When you are part of our Performance Team you can perform in as many, or few dances, as you like in our annual showcase, which is held in June every year. You can choose to dance in a solo, duet, trio or leveled group piece in either the style of Jazz, Ballet or Pointe. You can only perform in the style of dance that you attended classes in, i.e. If you are enrolled in just our Ballet Program you can perform a ballet piece, but pointe and jazz would not be an option.

For each dance you choose to be in there will be hour long lessons with you, your group and your choreographer to practice and perfect a dance, starting in January. You will also be expected to come to mini sessions, which are approximately 15 minutes 1x a week, to run the dance before the Showcase Performance.

“A Nightmare Before Christmas” – As part of the Performance Team you can also choose to be in our annual performance of “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. This show is performed every year in October and is a great way to experience how a real ballet is put together from beginning to end! To be part of this show you must audition for a role (don’t worry, everyone gets a part!) and be enrolled in one of our Ballet Memberships. Auditions are typically held in May every year and rehearsals run from July-October.

Competition Team: By Invitation – When you are part of our Competition Team you get to experience the thrill of dancing in front of your peers, other local studios and judges in the industry. You receive valuable feedback from judges that can take your dancing to the next level. To be part of our Competition Team you must be enrolled in our Jazz and Ballet programs for the entire dance season (September – May). Along with the above performances (“A Nightmare Before Christmas and Showcase) you will also be performing in at least 2 local competitions. Lessons for your competition piece will run for the entire dance season and last an hour each. You must be in a level 3 Jazz and level 3a ballet to be considered for our Competition Team.