Ballet Program

The Tournesol Difference

We are a studio founded BY adult dancers, FOR adult dancers. We understand that even though you may not have dreams of becoming a professional (or maybe you do!), that doesn’t mean that you aren’t searching for improvement and want to learn true classical ballet in its purest form. Our classes focus on techniques which are designed to help you become the dancer of your dreams, including pointe work, performances (if you choose to), events and more.

Technical Instruction

Our classes are taught by instructors who have trained to work specifically with adults (after all kids and adults learn differently).  We focus on technique which helps you achieve your goals and progress through our 9 technique levels and 3 pointe levels. At Tournesol we believe that you can and will continue to improve!


Share the dance experience with people who also love dance! A lot of us have found friendships and camaraderie in the studio and we will sometimes go to events, ballets, and plays together. We foster our connections so that we can be a part of each others lives week to week.


Dancers are known for their discipline, hard work, and strong minds. Healthy habits and taking time for yourself requires commitment. We know this can be hard, so your instructors and classmates are all here to support you.

Ballet Technique Program

Ballet Technique classes are 90 minutes and consist of barre and center work. Classes are progressive over 6 levels to help dancers continuously improve and progress to higher levels.

Once you have progressed to level 4 you will be able to choose from our Jumps, Turns or Extensions Tracks.

Pre-Requisite: Completion of Debut Program or Placement Lesson

Never Danced Before? Start with Our Debut Program!

Before joining our Ballet Technique program we offer an 18-hour beginner course with no prior experience required! Once you have completed the Debut Program you are invited to enroll in our Ballet Technique program at Level 2a.